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Thursday, 6 October 1983
Page: 1499

Mr DAWKINS (Minister for Finance) —by leave-Mr Speaker, you will recall that the Government provided an opportunity for the honourable member for O' Connor (Mr Tuckey) to move a substantive motion. It is something he would not do . I made a brief statement and he made a very long one in reply. I listened attentively to what he had to say. Most of it was repetition of what he had to say last evening. I listened very intently to hear any charges of impropriety or illegality on my part or on the part of anyone in my family. I have yet to hear any charges of impropriety or illegality, let alone any substantiation of any of those charges. None of the circumstances surrounding the company of which I was briefly a director--

Mr Tuckey —Ten years.

Mr DAWKINS —I was briefly a director; I have been a shareholder for longer. None of the circumstances surrounding the company have been covered up. They were all disclosed. The circumstances surrounding the liquidation were all provided to the Prime Minister (Mr Hawke) in great detail and, as I said before, there are no outstanding matters with the Commissioner of Taxation or any of the State taxing authorities. We have heard a litany of lies from the honourable member for O'Connor.

Mr Tuckey —Why do you not explain them?

Mr DAWKINS —There is nothing to explain. It was a very interesting and colourful manufacture of circumstances. As I have indicated before, none of it has been withheld from the Prime Minister. I simply make this final point: The honourable member for O'Connor spent a long time talking about the sale of a parcel of land and the circumstances surrounding that. That occurred long after I ceased to be a director of the company. If the honourable member understands the processes of liquidation of companies he will know that the circumstances surrounding the sale of that land were entirely--

Mr Tuckey —Do you deny that you negotiated the sale?

Mr DAWKINS —The negotiating and the finalising of that contract were done entirely by the liquidator. The liquidator has, as I have indicated, provided a report of that matter which is with the Prime Minister as well. When the honourable member for O'Connor can actually make some charges of illegality or impropriety against me or against anyone associated with the company, then and only then will I take any of his charges seriously.