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Thursday, 22 September 1983
Page: 1181

Consideration of Senate's amendments.

Senate's amendments-

No. 1-Page 25, clause 40, proposed new sub-section 33 (1), line 30, leave out ' '12'', insert ''8''.

No. 2-Page 29, clause 49, paragraph (1) (b), lines 8 and 9, leave out the paragraph.

No. 3-Page 29, clause 49, after paragraph (1) (a), add the following new paragraph:

''(b) by adding at the end of sub-section (2) the following words 'and such other organizations and associations as the Minister considers appropriate'.''.

No. 4-Page 36, clause 73, after proposed new sub-section 8J (2), add the following new sub-section:

''(3) Sections 48, 49, 49A and 50 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 apply in relation to directions under sub-section (1) as if in those sections references to regulations were references to directions, references to a regulation were references to a direction and references to a repeal were references to a revocation.''.

No. 5-Page 53, clause 101, line 41, leave out ''notice'', insert ''direction''.

No. 6-Page 56, clause 107, line 20, at end of clause, add ''and substituting ' or served under sub-section 73BAC (2)'.''.