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Tuesday, 6 September 1983
Page: 445

Question No. 334

Mr Campbell asked the Minister for Science and Technology, upon notice, on 23 August 1983:

Did the following companies receive grants of $300,000 or more in 1980-81 under the Australian Industrial Research Development Incentives Board's project grants : (a) Australian Paper Manufacturers Ltd, (b) Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd, (c) ACI Operations, (d) Australian Mineral Industries Research Association Ltd, (e) Broken Hill Associated Smelters Pty Ltd, (f) Bendisi Corporation Australia Pty Ltd, (g) Bradken Consolidated Ltd, (h) Broken Hill Proprietary Co. Ltd, (i) Comalco Aluminium Ltd, Comalco Research Pty Ltd and Comalco Aluminium ( Bell Bay) Ltd, (j) Cleveland Tin Ltd, (k) Email Ltd, (m) Concurrent Processing Systems Pty Ltd, (n) Electrolytic Zinc Co. of Australasia Ltd, (o) ICI Australia Ltd, (p) MIM Ltd, (q) Orbital Engine Co. Pty Ltd, (r) Mauri Brothers & Thompson (Aust.) Pty Ltd, (s) Varian Techtron Pty Ltd, (t) Yeelirrie Management Services Pty Ltd and (u) Hospital Products International Pty Ltd; if so, (A) on what grounds did these companies receive the grants, (B) what is the general criteria used to determine which companies will receive the grants and (C) how are the amounts of individual grants determined.

Mr Barry Jones —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(a) to (e) Yes, (f) company not recognised; if Bendix Corp. Aust Pty Ltd, yes, (g) to (u) yes.

(A) and (B) The Australian Industrial Research and Development Incentives Board examines and makes a relative assessment of all project grant applications received by it. The selection is based on requirements specified in the Industrial Research and Development Incentives Act 1976, Ministerial Directions issued to the Board and funds made available to it in the budgetary context. The criteria currently being used by the Board were published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette of 21 December 1982.

(C) The amount of grant is normally 50 per cent of the assessed cost of undertaking the R&D project. The assessment of costs is based on company claims which are scrutinised by the Board's technical and cost investigators and reviewed as appropriate. Normally, no one company or a group of related companies can receive more than $750,000 in a year. However, the Minister can approve a higher grant limit upon the Board's recommendation in certain circumstances.