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Thursday, 26 May 1983
Page: 1071

Mr LLOYD(8.42) —I raise just two points, the first of which concerns the Australian Democrats and whether they were in favour of parliamentary approval. An integral part of the amendments that the Democrats originally proposed in the Senate was that not only would there be some sort of consultative process but also it would have to be subject to parliamentary approval. That was still their position as recently as a couple of weeks ago. What has been finally worked out between the Government and them-

Mr Duffy —I have already told you that that issue was not raised by the Democrats.

Mr LLOYD —I accept what the Minister for Communications tells me. But he said that we have made unfounded comments about the Democrats. All I am saying is that those comments were not unfounded. I am giving chapter and verse what their position and attitude was, until very recently, in any comments that they made publicly in relation to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation legislation. As to whether they raised it with the Government, the Minister has made a point and I do not argue with that. I am saying in return that, from what the Democrats have said and have been quoted publicly as saying in regard to their position, it is not the case that they did not have a view on the matter.

Secondly, I support the Minister's statement that he was pleased that at long last the Australian Broadcasting Commission would have its own legislation and that the legislation would go through with changes that are basically supported by both sides of this place. These measures were originally introduced by the Fraser-Anthony Government; therefore, on that basis also, this side derives some pleasure from having this ABC legislation finally go through.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Resolution reported; report adopted.