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Wednesday, 13 May 1981
Page: 2377

(Question No. 1059)

Mrs Kelly asked the Minister for the Capital Territory, upon notice, on 2 April 1981:

(1) What is the average waiting time for (a) Government housing and (b) emergency housing in the Australian Capital Territory.

(2) What criteria, apart from the loss of a house due to fire, are used to determine eligibility for emergency housing.

(3) What is the total number of persons currently on the waiting list for government accommodation.

(4) How many applications for emergency housing have been (a) made and (b) successful for each month since January 1980.

Mr Hodgman —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

I am informed by my Department that:

(1) (a) At 31 March 1981 the approximate waiting times for the various categories, depending on location sought, were:

3 bedroom house-15-20 months

4 bedroom house-16 months

2 bedroom flat-3 1/2-16 months

Bedsitter flat-7-8 months

(1) (b) Applicants for emergency housing fall into two separate categories. The true emergency group comprise of applicants who demonstrate an inability to accommodate themselves that night in any way whatsoever, eg. because their home has been destroyed by fire. These few genuine emergency applicants can be accommodated on the same day. Other successful applicants for what is called emergency housing are those who can demonstrate that their circumstances are such that they would suffer undue hardship if required to wait out their time on the normal housing waiting period and therefore that an advance allocation ahead of all others on the normal waiting list is justified. These applicants, who are really applicants for priority housing, are generally housed within a period of four to six weeks.

(2) Apart from a general requirement that applicants for emergency housing must meet the eligibility criteria for entry to the normal waiting list for government rental housing, there are no set criteria which emergency housing applicants necessarily must meet. It is impossible to list all the circumstances in which applicants might qualify for assistance. However, the answer to (1) (b) explains circumstances in general terms.

(3) At 31 March 1981-1,889.


(a) Appli- (b) Appli-

cations cations

received approved


January 72 24 February 61 24 March 68 28 April 62 17 May 60 34 June 51 17 July 81 16 August 40 8 September 74 21 October 97 23 November 86 16 December 57 16


January 86 8 February 110 17 March 113 22

Total 1,118 291