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Thursday, 17 November 2011
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The SPEAKER (11:11): Mr President, on behalf of the House and the parliament, I thank you for your address and the depth of the message that it contained. As the leader of a close ally, you have been received as a most welcome friend, especially as we commemorate threescore years of the formal alliance. As an individual, you inspire us all as a symbol of what we can achieve and you remind us of what we ought to achieve.

As a former senator, I know that you are pleased that we have present with us our Senate colleagues. In thanking the President of the Senate and the senators, I thank you for inspiring in them the appropriate behaviour that the grandeur of the occasion dictated!

I wish you a successful and enjoyable remainder of your stay in Australia and success in your travels in the region. Selamat sukses! I hope that you have a safe return home to your 'cheese and kisses'—that is, the missus, your wife—and to the 'billy lids', the kids, your children.