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The following documents were deemed to have been presented on 2 September 2021 (An explanatory statement has been presented with each instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk):

Civil Aviation Act 1988 —Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998—ATPL Flight Test Standards (Satellite-based Navigation) Exemption 2021—CASA EX98/21 [F2021L01229].

Marriage Act 1961 —Marriage (Celebrancy Qualifications or Skills) Amendment (Guidelines) Determination 2021 [F2021L01228].

National Health Act 1953 —National Health (Electronic National Residential Medication Chart Trial) Amendment (Approved Residential Care Services) Special Arrangement 2 of 2021 [F2021L01227].

Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 —Parliamentary Business Resources Regulations 2017—Consolidated statement of expenditure for 2020-21.

Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 —Telecommunications (Interception and Access) (Communications Access Co-ordinator) Amendment Instrument 2021 (No. 2)—LIN 21/068 [F2021L01226].