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The following documents were deemed to have been presented on 9 October 2012:

Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2009-2010 and Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2010-2011 —Determination to reduce appropriations upon request—2011-12 No. 11 [F2012L01927].

Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2011-2012 and Appropriation Act (No. 2) 2011-2012 —Determination to reduce appropriations upon request—2011-12 No. 10 [F2012L01925].

Australian Bureau of Statistics Act—Australian Bureau of Statistics—Proposals—2012 Nos 14, 15, 16, 17.

Australian Film, Television and Radio School Act—Determination—Degrees, diplomas and certificates—2012 No. 3 [F2012L01903].

Australian National Railways Commission Act—Notice under section 67AZR—State of South Australia, 31 July 2012 [F2012L01692]—Revised explanatory statement.

Australian National University Act—Rules—2012 Research awards [F2012L01939].

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act—Determinations under section 57—2012 Confidentiality (Nos 16, 17, 18, 19) [F2012L01992], [F2012L01994], [F2012L01921], [F2012L01977].

Broadcasting Services Act—

Conditions—Regional commercial radio—

Local presence licence—2012 [F2012L01987].

Material of local significance licence—2012 [F2012L01985].


Digital-only local market area for the remote and regional WA TV1, western zone TV1 and Geraldton TV1 licence areas (No. 1) [F2012L01896].

Digital-only local market areas for Tasmania TV1 (No. 2) [F2012L01897].

Civil Aviation Act—

Civil Aviation Regulations—Instrument—2012 No. CASA 309 [F2012L01923].

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—

Airworthiness Directives under Part 39.001(1)—

AD/GA200—No. 1—Amendment (No. 1) [F2012L01926].

Revocation—2012 No. CASA ADCX 22 [F2012L01929].

Approval and exemption—2012 No. CASA 326 [F2012L01973].

Exemptions—2012 Nos CASA EX146, CASA EX148, CASA EX149, CASA EX150 [F2012L01936], [F2012L01983], [F2012L01899], [F2012L01999].

Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act—

Guidelines for the classification of computer games—2012 [F2012L01934].

National Classification Code—2012 Amendment (No. 1) [F2012L01933].

Clean Energy Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2012 No. 226 [F2012L01957].

Coastal Trading (Revitalising Australian Shipping) Act and Coastal Trading (Revitalising Australian Shipping) (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2012 No. 135 [F2012L01474]—Revised explanatory statement.

Corporations Act—

Accounting standards—2012 Amendments—AASB 6, AASB 7 [F2012L01935], [F2012L01937].

ASIC Class Orders—2012 Nos 1266, 1267, 1295, 1301 [F2012L01918], [F2012L01919], [F2012L01975], [F2012L01965] .

Ministerial determination—Trustee company transfer of estate assets and liabilities, 6 August 2012 [F2012L01904].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2012 Nos 233, 234 [F2012L01981], [F2012L01989].

Corporations Legislation Amendment (Financial Reporting Panel) Act 2012 —Proclamation under subsection 2(1) fixing 1 October 2012 as the day on which Schedule 1 to the Act commences [F2012L01962].

Customs Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2012 Nos 224, 225 [F2012L01956], [F2012L01990].

Defence Act—Determination under section 58H—2012 No. 6.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—

Instruments under—

section 184—17 September 2012 [F2012L01915].

section 209—20 September 2012 [F2012L01950].

section 303CA—12 September 2012 [F2012L01924].

section 303DC—2012—

17 September [3] [F2012L01908], [F2012L01909], [F2012L01910].

21 September [2] [F2012L01911], [F2012L01913].

section 303EC—10 September 2012 [F2012L01984].

Interim declaration—Small Pelagic Fishery—2012 [F2012L01901].

Fair Work (Building Industry) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2012 No. 235 [F2012L01960].

Federal Financial Relations Act—Determinations under—

section 9—General purpose financial assistance—2012 Nos 41, 42 [F2012L01902], [F2012L01912].

section 16—National partnership payments—2012 No. 54 [F2012L01898].

Financial Management and Accountability Act—

Determination—Transfer of functions from DIAC to MRTRRT—2012 No. 27 [F2012L01928].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2012 No. 229 [F2012L01988].

Fisheries Management Act—Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery Management Plan 2003—Direction—2012 Closures (No. 5) [F2012L01906].

Health Insurance Act—

Declarations—2012 QAA Nos 3, 4 [F2012L01922], [F2012L01917].

Determinations under—

section 3C—2012 Allied health services—Amendment (No. 3) [F2012L02001].

section 10B—2012 Extended Medicare Safety Net—Amendment (No. 1) [F2012L01998].

Higher Education Support Act—VET provider—Notices of approval—2012 Nos 20, 21 [F2012L01895], [F2012L02000].

Legislative Instruments Act—List under section 52—25 September 2012.

Migration Act—

Migration Agents Regulations—Instrument—2012 Prescribed courses and exams for applicants for registration as a Migration Agent, No. IMMI 12/097 [F2012L01932].

Migration Regulations—Instruments—2012—

Institutions and disciplines for subclass 476 (Skilled-recognised graduate) visas, No. IMMI 12/105 [F2012L01948].

Regional certifying bodies and regional postcodes, No. IMMI 12/095 [F2012L01946].

Specification of occupations and assessing authorities, No. IMMI 12/096 [F2012L01949].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2012 No. 230 [F2012L01961].

Statements under section 195A—1 January to 30 June 2012 [7].

Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act—

Determination—2012 Non-warlike service (No. 3) [F2012L01914].

MRCA treatment principles—2012 Outreach program counsellors, No. MRCC 40 [F2012L01944].

National Health Act—

Amendment determinations under—

section 84AAA—2012 No. PB 86 [F2012L01931].

section 84AG—2012 No. PB 80 [F2012L01930].

section 84BA—2012 No. PB 88 [F2012L01972].

section 84C—2012 No. PB 85 [F2012L01958].

section 85AB—2012 No. PB 81 [F2012L01938].

section 85B—2012 No. PB 72 [F2012L01952].

section 98B—2012 No. PB 82 [F2012L01940].

section 98C—2012 No. PB 75 [F2012L01969].

section 99—2012 Nos PB 83, PB 84 [F2012L01954], [F2012L01953].

section 99ADB—2012 No. PB 70 [F2012L01907].

Amendment rules under section 98AC and 99AAA—2012 No. PB 79 [F2012L01951].

Amendment special arrangements under section 100—2012 Nos PB 76, PB 77, PB 78, PB 87, PB 89, PB 91 [F2012L01971], [F2012L01966], [F2012L01968], [F2012L01976], [F2012L01970], [F2012L01974].

Determinations under—

section 9B—2012 Immunisation program—Designated vaccines—

No. 1 [F2012L01945].

Variation (No. 1) [F2012L02002].

sections 93 and 93AB—2012 No. PB 73 [F2012L01955].

Instruments under—

sections 84AF, 84AK, 85, 85A, 88 and 101—2012 No. PB 71 [F2012L01982].

section 100—2012 No. PB 74 [F2012L01967].

National Health (Pharmaceutical Benefits) Regulations—Determinations under—

regulation 18—2012 No. PB 92 [F2012L01959].

regulation 37AA—2012 No. PB 90 [F2012L01964].

Parliamentary Counsel and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2012 —Proclamation under subsection 2(1) fixing 1 October 2012 as the day on which Schedules 1 and 2 to the Act commences [F2012L01963].

Parliamentary Entitlements Act—Parliamentary Entitlements Regulations—

Advice under subregulation 18(a)—12 September 2012.

Statements under subregulation 18(b)—24 September 2012.

Product Stewardship Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2012 No. 231 [F2012L01995].

Radiocommunications Act—Determination—2012 Spectrum access charges—800 MHz band (No. 1) [F2012L01947].

Remuneration Tribunal Act—Remuneration Tribunal—

Determinations—2012 Nos 20, 21 [F2012L01996], [F2012L01997].

Report—Ministers of State—Salaries additional to the basic parliamentary salary—2012 No. 1.

Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2012 No. 227 [F2012L01993].

Social Security Act and Social Security (Administration) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2012 No. 228 [F2012L01978].

Social Security (Administration) Act—Determinations—2012—

Declared income management area—Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands [F2012L01943].

Recognised State or Territory—Northern Territory [F2012L01979].

Recognised State/Territory authority—NT Alcohol and Drugs Tribunal [F2012L01980].

Taxation Administration Act—


1993—TD No. 156 (Withdrawal).

2004—TD No. 24 (Withdrawal).


No. 17 (Addendum).

No. 20.


2004—CR No. 86 (Withdrawal).

2010—MT No. 1 (Addendum).


CR Nos 80, 81, 82, 83.

ER No. 1.

PGBR No. 1.


No. 1 (Withdrawal).

No. 23 (Withdrawal).

Telecommunications Act 1997 —Standards—Telecommunications technical standard—2012—

Analogue interworking and non-interference requirements for customer equipment for connection to the public switched telephone network—AS/CA S002:2010—Amendment (No. 1) [F2012L01900].

Requirements for customer access equipment for connection to telecommunications network—Part 1: General—AS/CA S003.1:2010—Amendment [F2012L01986].

Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act—Determination—2012 Fees (No. 3) [F2012L01905] .

Therapeutic Goods Act—Therapeutic Goods Order—No. 80A [F2012L01920].

Veterans’ Entitlements Act—


Non-warlike service—Operation Quickstep Tonga—3 September 2012 [F2012L01916].

Outreach program counselling—Extension of eligibility—2012 No. R42 [F2012L01941].

Instrument under section 90—Treatment principles—Outreach program counsellors—2012 No. R39 [F2012L01942].

Water Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2012 No. 232 [F2012L01991].