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All Members attended (at some time during the sitting) except Mr Alexander, Mr K. J. Andrews, Mr Bandt, Ms Bird, Mr Broadbent, Mr Buchholz, Mr Burns, Mr Byrne, Mr Champion,

Mr D. J. Chester, Mr Christensen, Ms Coker, Mr Coleman, Mr Dreyfus, Mr Drum, Mrs Elliot, Mr Entsch, Mr Georganas, Mr Hastie, Mr Howarth, Mr Irons, Mr Joyce, Mr Katter, Ms Kearney, Mr Khalil, Ms C. F. King, Mr Laming, Ms Landry, Ms Liu, Mrs Marino, Mr Marles, Dr McVeigh, Mr R. G. Mitchell, Dr Mulino, Mr Neumann, Mr Ted O’Brien, Ms O’Neil, *Ms Payne, Mr Perrett, Ms Rowland, Ms Ryan, Mr Shorten, Mr Thompson, Ms Thwaites, Ms Vamvakinou, *Ms Wells, Mr Wilkie, Mr R. J. Wilson and Mr Young.

* On leave

Mr Bandt, Mr Burns, Mr Marles, Mr Neumann, Ms O’Neil and Mr Shorten participated by video link.








Claressa Surtees

Clerk of the House of Representatives