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Notice given 18 June 2007

3372  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—With reference to submissions of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee’s inquiry into air safety and cabin air quality in the BAe 146 aircraft in 2000, revealing that fumes containing oil toxins such as tricresyl phosphate (TCP) have in the past leaked into the cabins of commercial aircraft, causing passenger and crew illness and to the committee’s recommendations that a national standard be set for checking and monitoring engine seals on all passenger commercial jet aircraft and also to the Government’s response that, for economic reasons, it would wait for this to be undertaken at an international level:

(1) Can information be provided whether such an international standard has been created; if not, will the Minister take steps to implement such a standard in Australia.

(2) Will the Minister consider funding a study to determine whether TCP is leaking into aircraft cabins.

(3) What investigation, if any, has been conducted into pilot, crew and passenger illnesses considered likely to be caused by TCP leaking into aircraft cabins.

(4) Is the Minister aware that the United States of America Academy of Scientists has recommended that aircraft interiors be regularly tested for neurotoxins such as TCP.

(5) (a) Is the Minister aware that the Australian and International Pilots Association is co-funding research with the Royal Australia Air Force at the University of Washington to develop a blood test for neurotoxins such as TCP; and (b) will this test be used in Australia; if so, when.