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Notice given 10 May 2007

3197  Senator Sherry: To ask the Minister for the Arts and Sport—With reference to funding for the federal electorate of Braddon committed during the 2004 election funding and, in particular, for aquatic centres in Burnie and Devonport, with $1 million committed to each centre:

(1) Which programs or funding sources were these commitments drawn from.

(2) What process was followed by the department to allocate funding to these projects.

(3) How much of the funding has been spent on these projects.

(4) If these funds have not been spent on the original projects, what has happened to these funds.

(5) (a) If these funds have not been spent on the original projects in Braddon, what programs do they fall under and what projects have they been spent on; and (b) for each of these projects, what amount of the funding has been spent.

(6) In relation to the alternative projects referred to in paragraph (5): (a) how was the project determined; and (b) what process was followed to ensure transparency and accountability in the redirection of funding to the project.

(7) How much of the funding remains unallocated.