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Notice given 6 June 2006

Senator Milne: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 1883-1911)—Did the Minister host a post-budget function after the release of the 2006-2007 Commonwealth Budget on 9 May 2006; if so:

(a) where was the function held;

(b) who was invited to the function;

(c) who attended the function;

(d) what was the cost of hosting the function;

(e) was the cost charged to the Commonwealth; if not, to whom was it charged;

(f) was a ticket price charged; if so, what was the ticket price;

(g) if no ticket price was charged, was a donation requested;

(h) how much revenue was collected by way of tickets charged or donations received; and

(i) to whom was the revenue paid.

1884 Minister representing the Treasurer

1885 Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs


 1888 Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing

1891 Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship

1911 Minister representing the Deputy Prime Minister