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Notice given 18 June 2007

820  Senator Nettle: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

(i) the respected British Broadcasting Corporation journalist Mr Alan Johnston was abducted whilst on assignment in the Gaza Strip more than 3 months ago and his whereabouts remains unknown,

(ii) the Army of Islam group has claimed responsibility for that abduction, and

(iii) the major Palestinian factions and the Palestinian authority have condemned the abduction;

(b) expresses its:

(i) concern at the plight of Mr Johnston and the effect of the kidnapping on his family, friends and colleagues, and

(ii) unreserved condemnation of the taking of hostages for political purposes; and

(c) calls for Mr Johnston’s immediate and unconditional release.

Notice of motion altered on 19 June 2007 pursuant to standing order 77.