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Notice given 14 March 2007

3046  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts—

(1) Is it the case that Australia Post requires a driver’s licence for identification for international parcel post despatch despite the fact that South Australian licences indicate that the document is not to be used for that purpose.

(2) Is it the case that requests for licence identification are illegal; if so, what action will be taken to: (a) stop the practice; and (b) prosecute offenders.

(3) Does Australia Post hold data obtained as a result of the request for driver’s licences; if so: (a) by what authority is data held; (b) for what purpose is the data used; and (c) are those persons whose data has been held: (i) advised that this is the case; if not, why not, (ii) advised of the use of the data; if not, why not, and (iii) advised that their name and details can be removed on request; if not, why not.