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Notice given 18 March 2005

477  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs—

(1) Further to questions on notice nos 447 and 464, on how many occasions since August 2004 has Air Vice Marshal (AVM) Beck, Director of the Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG), visited Turkey.

(2) For each of AVM Beck’s visits: (a) what was the itinerary of each visit; (b) what was the cost of each visit; (c) what meetings did he have with Turkish officials; and (d) on each occasion, with whom did he speak.

(3) When was AVM Beck first provided with information from Turkish officials concerning road works at Gallipoli.

(4) Can the Minister confirm if AVM Beck consulted with the Outer Area Office of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, or the out station at Canakkale, Turkey.


 (5) What, if any, consultation was there with tour operators in Australia, Istanbul or Canakkale.

(6) Can the Minister confirm that the planning procedures for these road works were the same as those for the construction of the Peace Park; if not, why not.

(7) When was AVM Beck first provided with prepared options and draft plans, either as impressions or as formal drawings.

(8) How many options were provided, and what, if any, feedback was given.

(9) Did the options include stopping the road works short of Anzac Cove, or an alternative route to landward; if so, why were they not pursued.

(10) Can the Minister confirm precisely which sections of the road were subject to these consultations.

(11) What information, by way of drawings, photographs, or graphic images were provided by AVM Beck for Turkish consideration.

(12) Currently, what is the width of each section of the road, and what is the width of each new section.

(13) (a) Have other officers visited Turkey to assist AVM Beck, if so who; and (b) what has been the total cost of their travel.

(14) Has OAWG established an office at Canakkale; if so: (a) what was the cost; (b) for how long; and (c) by whom was it staffed.

(15) (a) What technical advice has been sought from consultants in connection with the road plans; (b) for what purpose; (c) from whom was the information sought; and (d) what was the cost.

(16) What expressions of concern were made by AVM Beck to Turkish officials on the extent of the earth works and the disfigurement of the cliff face.

(17) (a) What measures were considered to prevent erosion; and (b) what volume of material is planned to be placed in the sea or on the beach.

(18) Did the plans provide for environmental regeneration and protection.

(19) Did Australia provide technical advice on any part of the construction including drainage, erosion protection, traffic management, replanting or visitor control and if so, who provided that advice.

(20) (a) Apart from the road construction, what other broader planning was undertaken prior to this project to examine the effect of tourism on the whole Gallipoli site; (b) what strategic planning has been undertaken; and (c) what input has been provided by the Government.

(21) Over the past 5 years: (a) what consultancy or expert advice has been sought with respect to the preservation of heritage values on the entire Gallipoli site; (b) what are the details of each consultancy or advice; and (c) what are the costs.

(22) At any stage, did AVM Beck object to the scope of the Turkish plans and were those concerns conveyed to the Minister; if so: (a) when and in what form was that concern expressed to the Minister; and (b) what was the Minister’s response.

(23) (a) Did AVM Beck object to the Turkish plans; (b) was a request made for amendments, or for work to be suspended; if so: (i) when were these requests made, and (ii) what were the responses.


 (24) Can the Minister confirm the number of occasions, and the dates, of these discussions held with the Embassy of Turkey in Canberra on this project, and which departments were represented.

(25) Did the Minister and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade receive representations from the Government of Turkey in Canberra or Ankara, on the detailed planning for this project; if so, can this information be provided.

(26) In each of the options considered; (a) what variations were there with respect to parking at all sites; (b) which of the variations were requested by Australia; (c) which of the variations were objected to by Australia; and (d) what was the outcome.

(27) As part of the works now under way, what parking capacity is being provided for buses and cars, and at what sites.

(28) How many cubic metres of soil are being removed from the sites, and how is it being disposed of.

(29) On how many occasions has AVM Beck briefed the Minister since August 2004.

(30) Has the Department of Environment and Heritage been consulted, at any stage, on any options; if so, what was its response.

(31) Was the Australian War Memorial (AWM) involved in any of the planning process, and in particular, what advice was sought and provided on likely burial sites of those missing from 1915 in the areas affected by the roads.

(32) What information was provided by the CWGC on the likely burial sites of missing Australians, and what were the terms of that advice.

(33) What other capital works were subject to consultations by AVM Beck, for which facilities, and where.

(34) Did Australia offer any capital support for any of the works discussed; if so, what was the cost and what were the purposes.

(35) With reference to the entertainment to be provided during the ANZAC Day period at Gallipoli 2005, which entertainers other than Mr John Farnham were considered or contacted, and were Mr Guy Sebastian and Ms Casey Chambers included on those lists.

(36) (a) Who contacted Mr John Farnham; (b) over what period did discussions continue on his engagement; (c) what were the terms of the proposed engagement; and (d) what was the estimated cost of his services.

(37) (a) On whose direction was the proposal for Mr John Farnham’s engagement cancelled; (b) did this direction require cancellation of any agreement or contract; if so: (i) was there a cancellation fee, and (ii) what was the cost of that cancellation fee.

(38) (a) What process was instituted to select the contractors providing the sound and light show; (b) was it an open or selective tender process; and (c) why were Australian providers not considered and selected.

(39) How many ministerial representations have been received by the Minister to 30 March 2005 on the matter of entertainment at Gallipoli and the road works.

(40) What is the cost of the contract for the sound and light show, and what is the name of the contractor(s) selected.

(41) How was the string quartet selected, who are they, and what is the cost.


 (42) How many Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel will be in attendance from Australia and other locations, and at what cost.

(43) How many persons in the following categories will be in attendance: (a) officials from Australia (b) officials from Turkey; (c) elected representatives; and (d) members of royalty.

(44) How many will be in the official party, and of those, how many will be funded by Australia and at what cost.

(45) How many veterans have been included in the official party, who are they, and what is the cost of their travel.

(46) How many officials with security responsibilities will be in attendance from Australia, and from which agencies.