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Notice given 10 May 2005

123  Leader of the Australian Democrats (Senator Allison): To move—That the Senate—

(a) affirms:

(i) its support for the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and, in particular, Article 12 that refers to the need to ensure ‘access to health care services, including those related to family planning’,

(ii) the principle that health decisions should be made by those most closely involved with them, and

(iii) its respect for the right of women to make decisions regarding their fertility, including unplanned pregnancies, based on their life situations, personal values and beliefs;

(b) notes that in the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes (2003), 81.2 per cent of Australians agreed that women should have the right to choose an abortion, 9 per cent disagreed and 10 per cent were undecided;

(c) encourages:

(i) the provision of unbiased, relevant and accurate information for women experiencing unwanted pregnancy, without coercion,

(ii) accurate advice and support for women to act on their own values in making reproductive decisions, whether they be adoption, motherhood or termination of pregnancy, including non-directive, all-options counselling,

(iii) improvements in the evaluation of, and access to, advice and support on contraceptive choices,


 (iv) measures to ensure a wide variety of contraceptive measures are accessible and affordable, and that the privacy of women and men accessing such measures is protected,

(v) the more ready availability of emergency contraception from a variety of settings, and

(vi) lifelong sexuality and health education;

(d) calls on the Government to work with state and territory governments to develop:

(i) a thorough and inclusive national framework of evidence-based and age-appropriate sex education in all schools, and

(ii) national standards for pregnancy counselling services; and

(e) supports the privacy of medical records for reproductive health, including abortion and access to Medicare rebates for termination services.