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Notice given 10 October 2006

Senator Bob Brown: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 2552-2553)—With reference to the claims made on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Four Corners television program on 25 September 2006 that large sums of money have been illegally couriered across Australia’s borders by the Exclusive Brethren sect:

(1) What action has the Government taken to investigate these serious claims of criminal activity.

(2) Has an investigation been undertaken: (a) if so: (i) by whom, and (ii) with what terms of reference; and (b) if not, why not.

(3) Has the former Exclusive Brethren elder who made the claims been questioned; if not, why not.


 (4) Has the Exclusive Brethren’s Elect Vessel or any other member been questioned; if not, why not.

2552 Minister representing the Attorney-General

2553 Minister for Justice and Customs