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Notice given 14 November 2006

2765  Senator Crossin: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—

(1) (a) With reference to a contract in the 2005-06 financial year of $282 645, awarded to Aerodrome Management Services Pty Ltd for the remote aerodrome inspection service program to Indigenous communities in northern Australia and which ran until September 2006: (i) what work was done under this contract in the Northern Territory, (ii) at which aerodromes, (iii) what follows on from these inspections, and (iv) who meets the costs of any follow-up work; and (b) was all the work related to this contract completed; if not, what work remains to be done.

(2) Given that the contract of $36.5 million to Australian Airport Association was to be ongoing until late 2007 under the Regional Airport Funding Program: (a) what funds have been spent in the Northern Territory to date; (b) at which airports; and (c) on which projects.


 (3) Given that there are contracts for multiple recipients of funding for provision of the Remote Air Service Subsidy Scheme (RASS), can a current list be provided of: (a) Northern Territory communities receiving RASS; and (b) the service provider for each.

(4) Given that the RASS contract(s) appear to end in November 2006, what is the status of contracts ongoing beyond that date.

(5) Was Aboriginal Air Services, which went into liquidation in September 2006, one of the RASS providers in the Northern Territory; if so, what arrangements have been put into place to ensure that any communities affected continue to receive RASS.

(6) With reference to the crane at Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island, that was out of action for months due to cracked footings and which was supposed to be back in use by July 2006, as stated at the hearing of the estimates Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legisaltion Committee on 23 May 2006 (Committee Hansard, p. 130 ) , was the crane finally repaired and put back into use by this deadline; if not: (a) what is the expected timeline; and (b) what is happening with the off-loading of cargo.

(7) (a) What was the final cost of the repairs in relation to paragraph (6) above; (b) who met these costs; and (c) is there any chance of any of this money being recovered from the contractor; if not, why not.

(8) With reference to the land for the Linkwater Road project on Christmas Island being resumed from the Christmas Island Resort, when will the proposed road work be carried out;

(9) (a) Will the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) Health Service be privatised; and (b) are consultations with the community planned before any decision is made.

(10) (a) What processes are in place for consulting with either Christmas Island and/or the Cocos (Keeling) Islands; and (b) for each of the years 2005 to 2006 to date, what matters have been referred to the Minister for consultation by either community.

(11) When will the Government respond to the Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories report, Current and future governance arrangements for the Indian Ocean Territories .

(12) Given that mammography screening on Christmas Island has been operational for some months now: (a) are any statistics available as to how many women have used this service; and (b) how many women have had to be sent for further examination and/or treatment.

(13) Are any statistics available to show how many women accessing this service were from Cocos Island.

(14) Given that most women from Cocos Island would be Muslim and that there may be possible cultural problems relating to these women travelling alone: (a) have there been any problems with them travelling to Christmas Island; and (b) if they have to be accompanied, who pays for the escort.

(15) Given that women travelling from Cocos Island would need a stop over of several days, what accommodation arrangements exist for them.

(16) Is there any ongoing education or awareness program being conducted in conjunction with this breast screening program.

(17) Is the Government giving any consideration to putting a mammography screening service on Cocos Island.


 (18) (a) Are there any reports on the performance of the wind generators on Home Island, part of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands; (b) have there been any problems, including bird strikes; and (c) is there any data on how these wind generators have affected the cost of power generation.

(19) Given that earlier in 2006 it was proposed to carry out a further study into the water problem on Home Island: (a) was this study conducted; and (b) what is the current status of this study.

(20) (a) Is the temporary water desalination plant in place at Home Island; and (b) what is the cost of this project.

(21) What progress has been made on the Rumah Baru wharf project and the proposal to run a hovercraft service between Home and West Islands for passengers and cargo containers.