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Notice given 10 March 2005

447  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs—

(1) In each of the past 5 years what funds have been spent at Gallipoli on: (a) capital works; (b) travel by officials of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and the Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG); (c) entertainment; and (d) other costs including the provision of public facilities.

(2) What specific capital works have been funded directly by Australia or as part contribution to works conducted by the Government of Turkey.


 (3) Is the Minister aware of any funding contributed by the New Zealand Government, and the purpose of that funding.

(4) In each of the past five years, on how many occasions have discussions been held with Turkish authorities concerning the upgrading of the road.

(5) Was the OAWG consulted by Turkish authorities on the design, funding and timing of the current road works; if so, when and, if consulted in writing, can a copy of the correspondence be provided; if not, why not.

(6) What Commonwealth funding has been, or will be, contributed to the upgrading of the road.

(7) (a) Have representations been made to the Government of Turkey to suspend the upgrading of the current road works; if so, when and by whom; and (b) if consultations were made in writing, can a copy of the correspondence be made available to the Senate; if not, why not.

(8) What investigations have been made by OAWG, or its agents, into allegations that human remains have been uncovered, and in some cases destroyed, at the current road works.

(9) What research and examination was conducted prior to the current road works with respect to: (a) the environment; and (b) sites of military significance.

(10) How many Australians were posted missing at Gallipoli and never found.

(11) When were discussions last held with Turkish authorities concerning reported plans to charge admission to the Gallipoli site.

(12) On each of the past five Anzac days, what was the estimated crowd at Gallipoli.

(13) What is the estimated budget for Anzac Day 2005, in total, and, for the entertainment component.

(14) How many Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel will be in attendance in 2005, and at what cost.

(15) Which Federal Parliamentarians have, or will be, invited to travel to Turkey to attend the commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.

(16) What is the estimated cost to the Commonwealth of Federal Parliamentarians travelling to Turkey for this commemoration.

(17) Can the Minister confirm what proportion of these costs will be met from the Saluting Their Service program.

(18) (a) What regulation is conducted by Turkish authorities with respect to the sale and consumption of alcohol at Gallipoli; (b) what representations have been made on this subject; and (c) by whom and with what result.