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Notice given 16 November 2004

29  Senator Allison: To ask the Leader of the Government in the Senate—When will the Minister respond to Senator Allison’s letter of 7 April 2003 concerning orders for the production of documents.

49  Senator Murray: To ask the Minister for the Environment and Heritage—

(1) Is the Minister, in his capacity as Manager of Government Business in the Senate, aware of the following statement made by the Minister for Small Business and Tourism (Mr Hockey) in a Meet the Press interview aired on 14 September 2003: ‘What I do know is the Labor Party and the Democrats are holding up a vast amount of legislation that the Government has put in place in the Senate’.

(2) Does the Minister accept the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary’s definition of ‘vast’ as ‘immense, huge, very great’.

(3) Can the Minister: (a) provide a list for the Senate of any bill that could conceivably be regarded as being held up, as described by Mr Hockey; and (b) give his reasons for making that judgment.