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Notice given 6 February 2006

1574  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Defence—With reference to the Prohibited Substance Testing Program:

(1) How many random drug tests have been administered to Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel since 30 September 2005.

(2) Of those tested, what ranks were represented for each of the three services.

(3) (a) Which Defence sites have been targeted in the recent round of random drug testing; (b) how many personnel were tested at each site; (c) what was their rank; (d) what date and time where the tests conducted at each site; and (e) how many personnel at each site tested positive to a prohibited substance.

(4) How many ADF personnel are currently awaiting a determination of disciplinary action for substance abuse.

(5) In relation to the answer to question on notice no. 1221, paragraph (3): at each of the Defence sites listed what date and time was random drug testing conducted.

1575  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Defence—

(1) Is the Minister aware of an article in the Daily Telegraph of 6 January 2006, which reported on the debut at Canberra Summernats Car Festival of a purpose-built army vehicle dubbed Armygeddon .

(2)  (a) What was the total cost of the production of the vehicle built by army trainees; and (b) what was the cost and type of the original vehicle.

(3) Does the Armygeddon vehicle have any military application.

(4) What particular aspects of its development are considered important in vehicle maintenance.

(5) Are other similar styled vehicles planned for construction; if so: (a) how many; and (b) at what training sites will construction take place.

(6) (a) What Australian Defence Force personnel attended the Summernats Car Festival for the purposes of providing recruitment advice for spectators; (b) how many inquires were dealt with over the festival period; and (c) how many recruitment applications were issued.