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Notice given 5 October 2005

1282  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Justice and Customs—With reference to the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre Privacy Consultative Committee:

(1) (a) Can the dates of committee meetings held in the financial years 2001-02 to 2004-05 be provided, together with a list of the organisations that attended each meeting; (b) what was the duration of each meeting; (c) what are the functions, powers and duties of the committee; (d) can minutes for each meeting be provided; if not, why not; and (e) can any outcomes or recommendations arising from the meetings be provided.

(2) If there were any recommendations arising out of the meetings: (a) what has been done to implement those recommendations; (b) what is the cost of implementation; and (c) what is the status of the implementation of the recommendations.


 1283  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Finance and Administration—

(1) Does the department issue best-practice guidelines relating to the development of software.

(2) Are guidelines changed if: (a) the system is developed entirely for the use of the department or agency; and (b) the system is developed for the public to access a service provided by a department or agency.

(3) For both instances in (2) above, what is best practice in terms of the development of software and platform and operating system dependency.

(4) Can a copy of the guidelines be provided.