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Notice given 13 October 2005

1308  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Vocational and Technical Education—With reference to the statement made by the Parliamentary Secretary, Senator Colbeck (Senate Hansard , 10 October 2005, p. 9) that, ‘Business plans submitted by Australian technical college authorities involving any large advertising amounts would be monitored in any case. However, if an ATC does need to spend more than $100 000 on advertising to recruit quality staff and to attract students and employers, this amendment will have the affect of delaying the Australian technical college’s ability to do its work’:

(1) (a) How will ATC business plans be monitored; (b) what will be the reporting mechanism of that monitoring; and (c) when will it occur.

(2) How will the notification of, or accounting for, the standard information required to undertake such a project, such as its purpose and nature, the intended audience, who authorised it, its cost etc., in other words all the standard information required to undertake the project, delay the project.