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Notice given 1 September 2005

1130  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs—

(1) To date, how many compensation payments have been made to nuclear test veterans and what were the amounts paid.

(2) How many of these veterans were on the nominal roll.


 (3) Why is it necessary for veterans to sign secrecy agreements about the amounts of compensation.

(4) Is there a restricted list of lawyers who are eligible to handle these claims for compensation; if so, which lawyers are eligible.

(5) How much has been paid to the lawyers of successful claimants.

(6) How much has been paid for medical opinions in relation to these cases.

(7) What progress has been made on the Nuclear Participants Health Study.

(8) (a) When was the last Consultative Forum meeting conducted and can copies of the minutes be provided; and (b) when is the next Consultative Forum meeting to be held.

(9) Has the Consultative Forum considered the documents submitted by Major Alan Batchelor (Retired), namely ‘Observations on Dosimetry Panel Considerations’, the Imperial War Museum DVD ‘Films on Hurricane, Totem and Buffalo’ and ‘Material prepared by Mr Johnstone for an aborted review by Professor Robotham’.

(10) What progress has been made by the Dosimetry Panel.