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Notice given 18 December 2003

2474  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—With reference to the AGM-142 weapon:

(1) What is the latest estimate on the total cost of modifying the F-111 fleet to enable these aircraft to deploy the AGM-142.

(2) To date, how much has been spent on the project to equip the F-111 fleet with AGM-142s.

(3) What is the latest estimate of when those modifications will be completed.

(4) When is it expected that the AGM-142 will enter service.

(5) What is the latest estimate of the total cost of the project to equip the F-111 fleet with AGM-142.

(6) (a) Have any AGM-142s been delivered to Australia; if so, how many; and (b) do any AGM-142s remain overseas; if so, how many.