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Notice given 9 December 2003

2458  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister for Justice and Customs—

(1) How many: (a) full-time staff; (b) part-time staff; and (c) casual staff were employed at Perth International Airport for each month during the past 2 years.

(2) (a) What is the current average length of a shift; and (b) what is the number of shifts for all employees.

(3) (a) How long are sniffer dogs on duty each day; and (b) what is the average length of time for which dogs are not available each day.

(4) What percentage of outgoing and incoming luggage was x-rayed each week during the past 12 months.

(5) For each day of the week, how many hours are security patrols currently conducted by Australian Customs Service at the Port of Fremantle.

(6) (a) What is the current daily throughput of the new x-ray facility at the Port of Fremantle; and (b) what is the average number of containers per day transiting the port.

(7) In the past 3 months: (a) how many new staff have been recruited in Western Australia; (b) how many are in training; and (c) how many positions are available for those in training.

2462  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs—When will answers to questions on notice 1441 and 2368 be provided.

2463  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister for Defence—When will answers to questions on notice 1644, 1697 and 1935 be provided.