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Notice given 10 October 2003

2209  Senator Cherry: To ask the Minister for Family and Community Services—

(1) What was the process that led to the funding of Mr Gary Johns, of the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), to conduct a study into the relationship between the Commonwealth Government and non-government organisations (NGOs).

(2) What were the criteria established for the project.

(3) Why was the tender process not advertised.

(4) Were the government guidelines on tendering and contracts breached.

(5) When did, or will, Mr Johns or the IPA receive this funding.

(6) Is the Government aware that the IPA claims on its website not to accept government funding.

(7) Did the Government consider the corporate governance arrangements of the IPA before commissioning it to conduct the study.

(8) Does the IPA: (a) produce an annual report; (b) produce a register of donations; (c) disclose any conflicts of interest; and (d) have an independently appointed auditor.

(9) Did the Government seek the proposal from Mr Johns and the IPA.

(10) Were any other relevant organisations asked to tender for this project.

(11) What credentials and standing does Mr Johns have to undertake this work.

(12) What requirements for consultation with other non-profit bodies will be placed on the IPA in conducting its research.

(13) Why is it not more appropriate for the national roundtable of non-profit organisations to lead such a study in partnership with the Government.

2210  Senator Cherry: To ask the Minister for Family and Community Services—

(1) Since its first meeting on 30 November 1999, what have been the annual budgets of the Community Business Partnership (CBP).

(2) (a) How much has been spent each year on CBP projects since its inception; and (b) on what has the money been spent.

(3) How do applicants apply for the CDP’s project funds and how are funds distributed.

(4) How were the members of the CBP selected.

2211  Senator Cherry: To ask the Minister for Family and Community Services—

(1) (a) Who proposed the Not-for-Profit Council; and (b) what connections do they have to the Community Business Partnerships (CBP).

(2) Did the Government seek the proposal from the proponents of the Council.

(3) What are the aims of the council.

(4) What is the status of the application for funding for the proposed council.

(5) (a) How much funding have the council’s proponents sought from the CBP; and (b) how much have they previously received.

(7) Has the Government independently consulted with existing not-for-profit sector peak bodies to gauge the viability of the council proposal.

(8) Is the Government aware of the national roundtable of non-profit organisations, which has been voluntarily created and led by not-for-profit peak bodies across the sector.

(9) Will the Government support the establishment of the Not-for-Profit Council when there is already a national roundtable of non-profit organisations.