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Notice given 16 September 2003

2110  Senator Webber: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs—

  1. Given the department’s concerns with the maladministration of the Northern Suburbs Migrant Resource Centre in Perth, Western Australia, why was an administrator not put in charge of the organisation.

(2) Why did the department not ask the South Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre in Perth to move its operations to another location that better suited the needs of the migrant community of Perth.

(3) What consultations were undertaken with local stake-holders prior to the decision to merge the two Western Australian Migrant Resource Centres (MRCs).

(4) Has the department explored how the needs of migrants in the outer metropolitan suburbs of Perth can be met with minimal travel time and expense.

(5) Why is the Minister phasing out MRCs, given their capacity to provide services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate than equivalent Commonwealth services.

(6) Why does the department persist in the practice of placing non-voting members on the management committees of MRCs, when the Commonwealth provides greater funding to other mainstream organisations, without requiring participation in management committees. 

2112  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—With regard to the e-Defence project (Project Joint 2054) in the Defence Capability Plan:

(1) Can a description of all the phases of this project be provided.

(2) (a) What was the original timeline for the completion of the project, including the dates for completing each of the phases in the project.

(3) What was the original budget for this project, including the budget for each of the phases.

(4) (a) What is the current schedule for completing this project, including the dates for each of the phases.

(5) What is the current budget for the project, including the budget for each of the phases.

(6) What has been the cost of this project to date, including the cost for each phase completed.

(7) What are the reasons for the delays being experienced with Phase 1 of this project.

2113  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—

(1) (a) What is the current status of the Defence property at the Stockton Rifle Range in New South Wales; (b) what was the land used for previously; and (c) for what purpose does Defence envisage that the site could be used in the future.

(2) What is the size of the site.

(3) Has the site been valued by either the New South Wales Valuer-General or the Australian Valuation Office; if so: (a) when did the valuations take place; and (b) what was the estimated value.

(4) Is it intended that the site will be sold; if so, when.

(5) Is Defence aware of any heritage and/or environmental significance attached to the site; if so, can details be provided.

(6) Have any parties, i.e. individuals, organisations or governments, expressed an interest in acquiring the site; if so, can details be provided.

(7) Has the Port Stephens Council expressed an interest in acquiring the site; if so, what was the nature of each expression of interest from the Council.

(8) (a) Why has the land not been transferred to the Port Stephens Council; and (b) has there been any consultation between Defence and the Council in this regard; if so, what was the nature of each consultation with the Council on this issue.

(9) (a) When did the Commonwealth first acquire the site; and (b) what was the purpose of the acquisition.

(10) (a) What was the process for acquiring the site; and (b) did the Commonwealth ever pay any party for the acquisition; if so, how much was paid. 

2115  Senator Carr: To ask the Minister representing the Treasurer—With regard to issues of management, restructuring and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) at the Note Printing Australia Ltd plant at Craigieburn, Victoria:

(1) (a) Did the company employ an independent investigator, Co Solve, to investigate employee allegations of bullying, intimidation and harassment; and (b) did that investigation find that a senior staff member and a consultant, driving a change program within the organisation, have a case to answer.

(2) Can a copy of that report be provided.

(3) How much money has the company paid to the change program consultant, Caroline Shabaz and her associates, during the past 3 years.

(4) Is Caroline Shabaz now suing Note Printing Australia Ltd; if so: (a) what are the grounds for her claim; and (b) what amount of money is she seeking.

(5) Has anyone else commenced legal action against Note Printing Australia Ltd over these matters.

(6) (a) What has been the total cost to the company, over the past 3 years, in hiring consultants in the areas of: (i) change management, (ii) OH&S, and (iii) organisational restructuring; and (b) in relation to each consultancy: (i) who was the consultant, (ii) what was the duration of their contract, and (iii) what was the total remuneration and expenses paid to them.

(7) Can full details be provided of the process that was used for the employment of each of these consultants.

(8) (a) What evaluation of the effectiveness of each of these consultancies has been made by the company; and (b) can a copy of each of these evaluations be provided.

(9) Have any of these consultants subsequently been appointed to management positions within the company; if so: (a) how many and who; (b) were public service guidelines followed in all such appointments; and (c) were the positions advertised.

(10) (a) Is it correct that the company has had 3 human resources managers in the past 2 years; and (b) were any of these internal appointments or promotions; if so, what appointment guidelines were followed in each case: (i) what were the selection criteria, (ii) what qualifications were identified for the position, and (iii) was the position advertised.

(11) What are the total legal costs to date incurred by the company in relation to issues arising from proposed restructuring and the consequent allegations.

(12) Does Note Printing Australia Ltd have a current business plan and a plan for restructuring; if so, can copies of these be provided.

(13) Has any analysis of the possible sale of Note Printing Australia Ltd been undertaken; if not, has the company’s board ever considered this matter.