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Notice given 8 August 2003

1747  Senator McLucas: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—With reference to the Sustainable Regions Programme’s funding to the Atherton Tablelands region.

(1) What funds were allocated to the program.

(2) What are the outcomes sought by the Commonwealth Government for this funding program.

(3) How does the level of funding for the Atherton Tablelands compare with that allocated for other regions.

(4) When was the funding for the Atherton Tablelands allocated.

(5) Over what timeframe have the funds been allocated.

(6) What processes have been put in place to determine that strategic holistic regional objectives are identified and met.

(7) Will all of the $18 million allocated which is reported to be allocated to the Atherton Tablelands, be provided; if not: (a) how much will be allocated; and (b) what amounts have been allocated over what years.

(8) If less than $18 million is provided, how will this be communicated to the people of the Atherton Tablelands.

(9) Who determined the management and administrative arrangements for the Atherton Tablelands Sustainable Regions Programme

(10) What arrangements are in place to determine the allocation of funds to particular projects.

(11) What proportion of the funds expended by the Commonwealth have been used for administration.

(12) Who determined the management and administrative arrangements for the Atherton Tablelands’ Sustainable Regions Advisory Committee.

(13) How was the membership of this committee determined and by whom.

(14) (a) Who are the members of the committee; and (b) on what basis were they appointed.

(15) (a) To whom does the committee report; (b) how frequently; and (c) in what format.

(16) Can copies be provided of any committee reports that have been received detailing the funding allocation process or project approvals.

(17) Can copies be provided of minutes of all committee meetings held to date.

(18) Are committee members required to declare any interests they may have in any applications being considered; if so: (a) how many occasions has this occurred; (b) for which projects; and (c) by whom.

(19) In relation to funding issues: (a) what funding criteria were determined; (b) by whom; and (c) how were these criteria applied in determining projects to be funded.

(20) Can a list be provided of applications for funding received by the committee, including: (a) identification of the purpose for which funding was sought; (b) for what amount; (c) which were successful; (d) which have been rejected and why; and (e) which are still awaiting a decision.

(21) How many full-time permanent, full-time casual, part-time permanent, part-time casual, and construction jobs will be created by each project approved for funding.

(22) Is a contribution from the applicant required for the application to be approved.

(23) What due diligence processes were in place to assess the financial viability of applicants.

(24) What proportion of successful applicants to date have been private businesses or individuals.

(25) How many cooperative funding applications from a number of associations or authorities have been received.

(26) What accountability mechanisms are in place to ensure project objectives are achieved.

(27) Are successful applicants required to meet key performance indicators; if so: (a) what are these; and (b) how are projects benchmarked against them.

(28) What impact or evaluation processes have been put in place to measure the success or failure of funded projects.

(29) What evaluation processes have been put in place to measure the success or failure of the Sustainable Regions Programme in the Atherton Tablelands region.