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Notice given 7 July 2003

1606  Senator O’Brien: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry—

(1) What was the quantum of funding provided to the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) by the department for each of the following financial years: (a) 1997-98; (b) 1998-99; (c) 1999-2000; (d) 2000-01; (e) 2001-02; and (f) 2002-03.

(2) What was the quantum of funding provided by the GRDC to the Gene Technology Grains Council (GTGC) for each of the financial years mentioned in (1).

(3) What role does the department or the GRDC play in the selection of members to the GTGC.

(4) In what way is the GRDC accountable to the Minister for expenditure made to the GTGC.

(5) Can a synopsis be provided for each GTGC member, including: (a) full name; (b) details of formal qualifications; (c) details of current industry experience and employment; (d) details of past industry experience and employment; (e) details of the process of selection; and (f) term of membership.

(6) Are members of the GTGC required to disclose their financial interests to the Government as a means of preventing any perception of a conflict of interest; if so, can a copy of the current register of interests be supplied; if not, why not.