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Notice given 8 September 2003

569  Senator Brown: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes the current impasse in negotiations between Papua New Guinea and Australia regarding Australian aid to Papua New Guinea;

(b) recognises the importance of ensuring that Australia’s aid to Papua New Guinea is appropriately allocated and administered, and that it is subject to proper accountability mechanisms;

(c) notes that there is widespread concern in Papua New Guinea regarding  evidence that 80 per cent of Australian aid is ultimately paid to Australian consulting companies, construction companies and individuals earning the aid the name ‘Boomerang aid’; and

(d) calls on the Australian Government:

(i) to ensure that there is a review of Australia’s aid to Papua New Guinea, incorporating an assessment of Australian policies regarding the allocation of such aid, as well as any issues associated with its administration by Papua New Guinea, and

(ii) to ensure a bilateral relationship with Papua New Guinea founded upon respect for Papua New Guinea’s interests and the democratic rights of its people, and to guard against any form of undue pressure in its dealings with Papua New Guinea.

Notice of motion altered on 10 September 2003 pursuant to standing order 77.