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Notice given 26 June 2002

Chair of the Standing Committee of Senators’ Interests (Senator Denman): To move—That the following amendments to the resolutions relating to senators’ interests and declaration of gifts to the Senate and the Parliament be agreed to:

Resolution 1—Registration of senators’ interests

Paragraph (1), omit—

“Within 14 sitting days after the adoption of this resolution by the Senate and 28 days of making and subscribing an oath or affirmation of allegiance as a senator”,



(a) 28 days after the first meeting of the Senate after 1 July first occurring after a general election; and

(b) 28 days after the first meeting of the Senate after a simultaneous dissolution of the Senate and the House of Representatives; and

(c) 28 days after making and subscribing an oath or affirmation of allegiance as a senator for a Territory or appointed or chosen to fill a vacancy in the Senate”.

Resolution 3—Registrable interests

Paragraph (i), omit “$5,000”, substitute “$7,500”.

Paragraphs (k), (l) and (m), omit “$500” wherever occurring, substitute “$750”; omit “$200” wherever occurring, substitute “$300”.

Resolution 4—Register and Registrar of Senators’ Interests

Paragraph (3), omit “the commencement of each Parliament”, substitute “receipt of statement of registrable interests in accordance with resolution 1(1)”.

[Consequential on amendment to paragraph 1(1)]

Resolution 5—Declaration of interest in debate and other proceedings

To be omitted.

Resolution relating to declaration of gifts to the Senate and the Parliament

Paragraph (1)(a), omit “practical”, substitute “practicable”.

Sub-paragraph (ba), omit “$500”, substitute “$750”; omit “$200” substitute “$300”.

Sub-paragraph (d), line 2, omit “is to”, substitute “may”.

After sub-paragraph (h), insert—

(i) When a senator who is using or displaying a gift ceases to be a senator, the senator may retain the gift:

(i) if its value does not exceed the stated valuation limits of $750 for a gift received from an official government source, or $300 from a private person or non-government body; or

(ii) if the senator elects to pay the difference between the stated valuation limit and the value of the gift, as obtained from an accredited valuer selected from the list issued by the Committee for Taxation Incentives for the Arts. The Department of the Senate will be responsible for any costs incurred in obtaining the valuation.

(j) If the senator does not retain the gift in accordance with paragraph (i), the senator must return the gift to the registrar, who shall:

(i) dispose of it in accordance with instructions from the Committee of Senators’ Interests, as set out in paragraph 1(d) of this resolution; or

(ii) arrange its donation to a nominated non-profit organisation or charity, at the discretion of the senator who has returned the gift and the Committee of Senators’ Interests.

(k) Any senator subject to paragraph (j) must formally acknowledge relinquishment of the senator’s claim to ownership of any surrendered gifts.

Notice of motion altered on 10 September 2003 pursuant to standing order 77.

Order of the Day relating to Committee Reports and Government Responses

*1  Superannuation—Select Committee—Report—Draft Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Amendment Regulations 2003 and draft Retirement Savings Accounts Amendment Regulations 2003

Adjourned debate on the motion of the chair of the committee (Senator Watson)—That the Senate take note of the report ( Senator Wong, in continuation, 10 September 2003 ).

Orders of the Day relating to Auditor-General’s reports

1  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 3 of 2003-04—Business support process audit—Management of risk and insurance

Consideration ( 8 September 2003 ).

2  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 4 of 2003-04—Performance audit—Management of the extension option review—Plasma fractionation agreement: Department of Health and Ageing

Consideration ( 8 September 2003 ).