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Notice given 24 July 2003  

1660  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—With reference to Operation Anode, the Australian Defence Force contribution to the Solomon Islands Assistance Mission, can a table (as shown below) be provided indicating: (a) the exact number of personnel attached to each element of the deployment; (b) the home base of the personnel; (c) the monthly cost of the deployment of each element; and (d) the role of each element in the deployment:


Element of deployment

Number of personnel

Home base

Monthly cost of deployment

Role in deployment

Speci al Military Adviser


Joint Task Force Headquarters


Australian Battalion Group


Battalion Headquarters


Iroquois Helicopters


Engineering Group


Combat Service Support Team


Caribou Aircraft


HMAS Manoora


Medium Landing Craft


Minor War Vessels


Landing Craft Heavy


C130 Hercules