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Notice given 14 January 2003

Senator Brown: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 1079-1082)—With reference to energy policy and greenhouse gas emissions:

(1) Does the department have copies of any reports or documents produced by Roam Consulting in the past 5 calendar years; if so, in each case: (a) for whom was the report or document prepared; (b) what is the full title and date of the report or document; (c) what was the brief; (d) what were the main findings; and (e) can a copy of the report or document be provided.

(2) Have any documents prepared by the department or its agencies, including by the Chief Scientist, used information supplied by Roam Consulting; if so, in each case: (a) what was the full title and date of the document from which the information was used; and (b) what other data supported any conclusions drawn.

1082 Minister representing the Minister for Science