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Notice given 25 July 2003

1662  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs—With reference to the actions of Australian-owned mining companies operating in Indonesia:

(1) Does the Australian Government support overturning Indonesian Forestry Law 41 of 1999 to give access to protected forest areas in Indonesia to mining companies.

(2) What support of any kind has the Australian Embassy in Jakarta given to mining companies, in particular BHP Billiton or its subsidiaries, in their efforts to overturn Indonesian Forestry Law 41 of 1999.

(3) Has the Australian Embassy made any space or resources available to those employed by, or associated with, mining companies lobbying for the overturn of Indonesian Forestry Law 41 of 1999; if so, can details be provided.

(4) Has any person representing the Australian Government in Indonesia or elsewhere had any meetings with Indonesian Government officials regarding Forestry Law 41 of 1999; if so: (a) who was the Australian representative; (b) with whom did they meet; and (c) what was discussed.

(5) Have any protests been held outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta regarding this issue; if so: (a) when were these protests held; and (b) were there any arrests.