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Notice given 27 June 2003

1594  Senator Harris: To ask the Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer—

(1) Can details be provided of all individuals and their quantities of production units for all mass marketed tax-effective investments (MMTEIs).

(2) If an accountancy firm, rather than an individual, were to procure all production units for any MMTEI would they also have received a Part IVA determination, which remains withdrawn.

(3) Are firms that procured production units subject to the same exclusion as financial planners from the settlement offer.

1595  Senator Santoro: To ask the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts—

(1) When did Australia Post sell the post office building and land at 1 Bowser Parade, Sandgate, in Queensland.

(2) To whom was this property sold.

(3) What was the sale price.

(4) Is any land adjoining this property currently owned by, or has it ever been owned by, Australia Post; if so, what is: (a)  the current ownership status of this adjoining land; and (b) the sale history of such land.

(5) Does Australia Post consider that the sale price paid represented value for money for the vendor.

(6) On what basis did Australia Post decide that this property should be sold at the time that it was sold.

(7) Did Australia Post ever receive any expressions of interest to purchase this property prior to making the decision to sell; if so, can details of where these expressions of interest came from and when they were made be provided.

(8) What was the improved land value of this property at the time of the sale.

(9) (a) What is the zoning of the property; and (b) are there any restrictions on the use of the property.

(10) (a) What valuations did Australia Post received for this property prior to its sale; and (b) what was the estimated value of the property provided in these valuations.

(11) Was the sale of the property put out to public tender; if so, how was it publicly tendered and advertised; if not: (a) why not; and (b) who made the decision not to have a public tender and on what basis.

(12) By what means was the property sold, for example, privately, by auction or by other means.

(13) Did Australia Post engage an agent or any other intermediary to conduct the sale of the property; if so, can the following details be provided: (a) the name, or company name, of the agent or intermediary; (b) the commission paid to them; and (c) the period over which they were engaged.

(14) Has any state or federal Member of Parliament or local councillor or member of their staff or any representatives of a political party ever made representations to Australia Post about the purchase of this property; if so, can the following details of any such representations be provided: (a) who made them; (b) what they were; (c) on whose behalf they were made; (d) when they were made; and (e) what response or action resulted from them.