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Notice given 25 June 2003

1582  Senator Marshall: To ask the Minister for Defence—With reference to surplus former Defence land at Point Nepean:

(1) Will the Minister make public the expressions of interest received by the Government from individuals, organisations and governments for the 85 hectares of land at Point Nepean; if not, why not.

(2) (a) Can the Minister confirm when the Government intends to make a decision as to its preferred submission of interest; and (b) will the decision be made public; if so, when; if not, why not.

(3) Can an outline be provided of the process and timeline for putting the 85 hectares to tender.

(4) Has the Government closed the door on negotiations with the Victorian Government over a transfer of the remaining 85 hectares of land to the State of Victoria; if so, why; if not: (a) what has been undertaken to further these negotiations with the Victorian Government; and (b) how are these negotiations proceeding.

(5) Why was the decision taken not to gift the entire 315 hectare site at Point Nepean to the Victorian Government.

(6) Why will the Government not gift the 85 hectares of remaining surplus Defence land at Point Nepean to the State of Victoria, on the same basis that it did with similar land in New South Wales and Western Australia.

(7) Can the Minister explain the differing circumstances between the land at Sydney Harbour and in Western Australia and the land at Point Nepean, which would prevent it from being gifted to the State of Victoria.

(8) Can the Minister clarify the Government’s position in relation to placing obligations upon any potential buyers of the 85 hectares of surplus Defence land, for example, will the Government be regulating future uses and/or proscribing activities or uses of the land; if so, can details be provided; if not, why not.

(9) Can the Minister categorically rule out the land being sold for either private residential use or tourist-style accommodation.

(10) Will the Minister oblige a potential buyer of the 85 hectares to uphold and implement the objectives of the departmentally-commissioned Portsea Defence Land Community Master Plan; if so, can details be provided; if not, why not.

(11) What was the overall budget for undertaking the Portsea Defence Land Community Master Plan; and (b) can this budget be broken down into appropriate budget lines noting different areas of spending on the project.