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Notice given 24 September 2002

184  Senator Stott Despoja: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes:

(i) the commitment of the Government and Mr John Loy, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), to a demonstrated store for radioactive waste by 2005,

(ii) the commitment of the Government and Mr Loy to a second spent fuel reprocessing pathway for spent fuel from the Lucas Heights reactor,

(iii) the commitment in the Lucas Heights environmental impact statement (EIS), EIS supplementary report and EIS assessment report to a radioactive waste store by 2005,

(iv) the ARPANSA site licence assessment regarding a potential operating licence at Lucas Heights that, ‘A license to operate would not be issued by ARPANSA without there being clear and definite means available for the ultimate disposal of radioactive waste and spend nuclear fuel’,

(v) that the recent comments by Mr Loy on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s PM program indicating that the ‘new’ deadline for a store is now 2025 and that provision for second country reprocessing is no longer required are in direct contradiction to previous commitments, and

(vi) that it recently passed a second reading amendment that:

( a ) noted the view of the CEO of ARPANSA that arrangements for taking the spent fuel and turning it into a reasonable waste form need to be absolutely clear before the new reactor at Lucas Heights commences operation, and there needs to be clear progress on siting a store for the waste that returns to Australia, and

( b ) expressed its opinion that until all matters relating to safety, storage and transportation of nuclear materials associated with the new reactor at Lucas Heights are resolved, no operating licence related to the new reactor at Lucas Heights should be issued by ARPANSA; and

(b) calls on the CEO of ARPANSA to:

(i) reaffirm commitments made to the Australian people as part of the EIS process, and

(ii) act in conformity with the Senate’s second reading amendment.