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Notice given 6 August 2003

1744  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Health and Ageing—

(1) Has the department conducted any market research on Australia’s level of knowledge about the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in the past  

2 years, or paid for it to be conducted by external bodies; if so: (a) when (list each occasion since January 2001); (b) how many Australians were asked about their level of knowledge, and on what basis were these Australians selected (for example, x number from y electorate or z postcode); (c) what companies and individuals conducted the research (list for each instance of market research); (d) what were each of the companies and individuals referred to in (c) paid for their market research; (e) can a copy of the questions asked be provided; and (f) can a copy of the Department’s report on the market research findings be provided.

(2) Has the department at any stage in the past 2 years recommended to the Minister that a public advertising campaign about the PBS be conducted; if so: (a) when did it make this recommendation; and (b) what data did it use to support it.

(3) Did the Minister or the Minister’s office in any way initiate: (a) the proposal for market research; and (b) the proposal for advertising about the costs of the PBS.

(4) Has the department done any market research on Australia’s knowledge of the PBS by way of: (a) focus groups; and (b) surveys; if so, can a copy be provided of the persons or organisations involved in any focus groups and/or surveyed, with an explanation as to why they were selected.

(5) In relation to all forms of market research conducted by or for the department into Australia’s knowledge of the PBS since January 2001, can a list be provided of: (a) the total cost of the research; and (b) the cost of all segments, including consultant’s charges, travel cost of persons conducting the research, report production costs etc. (please list separately).

(6) In relation to the advertising campaign about the PBS: (a) how much was budgeted for total costs of the campaign (for example, production and screening costs); (b) which advertising agencies and consultants have worked on the campaign at any stage; (c) how much has been paid to date to each of those agencies and consultants; (d) how much more is expected to be paid to each of these agencies and consultants in the 2002-03 and 2003-04 financial years; and (e) can a list be provided of any agencies or consultants that have rendered services in relation to the advertisement campaign, and have not charged for them.