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Notice given 20 June 2003

1561  Senator Webber: To ask the Minister for Family and Community Services—

(1) For the state of Western Australia, for each of the financial years ending 30 June 1997, 30 June 1998, 30 June 1999, 30 June 2000, 30 June 2001 and 30 June 2002: what was the proportion of total Centrelink debt incurred for each of the following benefit categories: (a) age pension; (b) Austudy; (c) disability support pension; (d) Newstart allowance; (e) parenting payment; (f) partner allowance; (g) youth allowance; (i) carer allowance; and (j) family tax benefit.

(2) For the state of Western Australia, by local government authority: (a) what is the total number of debts incurred for each of the benefits listed above; and (b) what is the average amount of these debts for each of the benefits.

1562  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister for Health and Ageing—With reference to the Approved Medical Deputising Service Program:

(1) What is the estimate of the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) doctors that the approximately 75 participants in November 2002 represent.

(2) (a) What proportion of these participants were: (i) overseas trained doctors, (ii) temporary visa doctors, or (iii) Australian graduates; and (b) what is the FTE contribution for each group.

(3) How many ‘after hours only’ clinics operated by the Approved Deputising Services have program participants providing medical services from these clinics.

(4) How many doctors and FTE doctors are providing services through these clinics.

(5) What is the number of Medical Benefits Schedule services provided through these clinics in November 2002 or in any other close period for which the department has collected data.

(6) (a) Has the internal review of this program been completed; if so, what were its conclusions; and (b) will this program continue past the end of the 2002-03 financial year.

(7) What has been the cost of this program to the department in terms of administration and program costs for each of the following financial years: (a) 2001-02; and (b) 2002-03.

1563  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment and Heritage—

(1) Which areas of the Mullungdung State Forest are protected under the Gippsland Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) as part of the comprehensive, adequate and representative (CAR) reserve system.

(2) Is any part of the Mullungdung State Forest traversed by Basslink; in particular, does any part of the route pass through the Special Protection Zone (SPZ). 

(3) What impact will Basslink have on Mullundung State Forest, especially the SPZ, including the area and kind of vegetation affected, fragmentation of habitat, weed and pest invasion, and changes to hydrological regimes.

(4) (a) Does the Basslink route comply with clauses 62 to 67 of the Gippsland RFA; and (b) can an itemised list be provided of how the requirements of each of these clauses have been met.