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Notice given 30 April 2003

1419  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister representing the Attorney-General—

(1) (a) How many staff currently hold: (i) ongoing, and (ii) non-ongoing, positions in the Human Rights Branch; and (b) what is the Australian Public Service (APS) level of these positions.

(2) (a) How many ongoing and non-ongoing staff based elsewhere in the department are working on human rights matters; and (b) what is the APS level of these staff.

(3) (a) Which positions are currently vacant in the Human Rights Branch; and (b) how long have they been vacant.

(4) Since the additional estimates hearings in February 2003, how many staff have left the Human Rights Branch.

(5) What is currently the average period of service of staff in the Human Rights Branch.

(6) Since the additional estimates hearings in February 2003, what has been the absentee rate for: (a) sick leave (including workers compensation leave); (b) annual leave; (c) miscellaneous paid leave; and (d) long service leave, in the Human Rights Branch, and in the department as a whole.

(7) What involvement did the Human Rights Branch have in the development of the Australian Human Rights Commission Bill 2003.