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Notice given 16 April 2003

1391  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment and Heritage—With reference to the review of the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target Scheme:

(1) Is the Minister aware that the review panel has allowed only one month for initial submissions and published no other information about the process for the review.

(2) Will the Minister ensure that the panel allows at least 6 weeks for initial submissions and any later comment opportunities.

(3) Will the Minister ensure that all submissions and other evidence to the review are made public, except where the panel is explicitly requested to make information confidential and gives reasons publicly for agreeing to do so.

(4) Will the Minister ensure that the panel holds public hearings at least in every state from which submissions are received and that the hearings are open to any party that wishes to present evidence.

(5) Will the Minister ensure that the panel publishes a draft report and recommendations with opportunity to comment before finalising the report.

(6) What budget has been provided for the review.

(7) What instructions or guidelines have been given to the panel, apart from terms of reference, about how the review should be conducted.