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Notice given 22 May 2003

1477  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment and Heritage—

(1) How much of the $250 million promised for the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) in the 2002-03 Budget has been released by the Commonwealth, apart from the $50 million so far announced for Envirofund and drought recovery grants.

(2) Can a breakdown be provided of commitments and/or expenditure for all components of the NHT for each of the 2002-03 and 2003-04 financial years.

(3) Have any regional resource management plans yet been accredited under the NHT; if so, which ones; if not, when might the first of the 62 regions pass that hurdle.

(4) Which, if any, of the current NHT support programs, such as the Bushcare Support Program, the Landcare Support Program or the Farm Forestry Support Program, will be continued in the 2003-04 financial year.

(5) If the continuation of these programs is dependent upon the finalisation of bilateral agreements with the states, are there any contingency plans in place for NHT support workers in the four states that are still dead-locked in negotiations with the Commonwealth, or will these staff be made redundant after June 2003.

1478  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources—Was any information prepared by consultant Rio Tinto Ltd as part of the mining and energy biotechnology sector study, undertaken under contract for the department in the 1999-2000 financial year; if so, what was that information and can a copy be provided.

1479  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources—With reference to the environment statement for the 2003-04 Budget, which lists funding of $11.6 million for the ‘Cooperative Research Centre for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration’ as a new measure in the Industry, Tourism and Resources portfolio:

(1) Given that there is no existing cooperative research centre (CRC) of this name; where is the funding going.

(2) (a) Is this funding new funding, additional to the existing CRC budget; and (b) has it been approved by the CRC selection process.

(3) Why is additional funding being provided for geosequestration but none for research and development of renewable energy.