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Notice given 12 February 2003

1157  Senator Marshall: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs—With reference to detainees being held at the Baxter Detention Centre:

(1) Have there been any recent cases of self-harm; if so, how many.

(2) ny detainees currently on hunger strikes; if so, how many.

(3) Is the Minister satisfied that the Baxter Detention Centre is a suitable environment for asylum seekers given that it is a high security establishment.

(4) How many detainees are currently being held in the area known as Blue III

(5) Have handcuffs been used on any of these detainees; if so, why.

(6) Have there been any cases of self-harm or hunger striking amongst the  

Blue III detainees; if so, how many.

(7) What medical and psychological support is available to the detainees in Blue III.

(8) Are the detainees in Blue III able to make and receive telephone calls and to receive parcels and visitors; if not, why not.

(9) Was the manager of the Baxter Detention Centre, Mr Greg Wallace, formerly at the Curtin Detention Centre.

(10) Is the Minister satisfied that management practices at Baxter Detention Centre have not led to any breaches of the human rights of the detainees or any breaches of Australia’s obligations under international human rights instruments; if so, on what basis is the Minister satisfied.