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Orders of the Day relating to Committee Reports  

and Government Responses and 

Auditor-General’s Reports

Orders of the Day relating to Auditor-General’s reports

*1  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 28 of 2002-03—Performance audit—Northern Territory Land Councils and the Aboriginal Benefit Account

Adjourned debate on the motion of Senator Crossin—That the Senate take note of the document ( Senator Crossin, in continuation, 3 March 2003 ).

*2  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 29 of 2002-03—Audit activity report: July to December 2002: Summary of outcomes

Consideration ( 3 March 2003 ).

*3  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 30 of 2002-03—Performance audit—Defence ordnance safety and suitability for service: Department of Defence

Consideration ( 3 March 2003 ).