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Notice given 29 April 2002

290  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Trade—With reference to the Papua New Guinea Forest Industries Association (PNGFIA) Forest Investment Seminar held in Port Moresby in March 2002:

(1) Did Austrade contribute any funds to the sponsorship of the seminar or the trade fair held in conjunction with it; if so, how much.

(2) What was the purpose of Austrade’s involvement with the seminar and/or the trade fair.

(3) What expectations are there of the trade benefits from the involvement of Austrade in the seminar and/or trade fair.

(4) Has an Austrade officer been involved on the steering committee for the seminar and/or trade fair; if so, how many meetings did he or she participate in.

(5) What is the total estimated cost of Austrade’s involvement in the seminar, including the cost of staff time, direct sponsorship costs and any other costs.

(6) Was Austrade’s participation in the seminar and/or trade fair at the invitation of the PNGFIA; if so, why was the invitation accepted.

(7) Does Austrade expect to be involved in future PNGFIA annual seminars; if so, why.

(8) Is Austrade involved in any other projects in conjunction with the PNGFIA.