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Notice given 27 June 2001

963  Senator Brown: To move—That the Senate—

(a) expresses deep sadness and concern at the death of three people in Port Moresby following student protests;

(b) recognises the right of Papua New Guinea (PNG) to plan its future without selling major public assets; and

(c) calls on the international funding and banking agencies to aid PNG’s debt repayments by requiring foreign logging, mining, fishing and tourism companies, including BHP, to pay a fair and adequate royalty for their exploitation of this small, but beautiful, nation’s resources.

965  Senator Tierney: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes:

(i) the adverse consequences of a delay in the passing of the Innovation and Education Amendment Legislation Bill 2001 upon the development of Australia’s capacity as a leading nation in innovation and its competitiveness internationally in research, and

(ii) that the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Democrats have delayed this bill by agreeing to an extension of the tabling date of the Employment, Workplace Relations, Small Business and Education Legislation Committee report into the bill until the final day of the winter parliamentary sittings;

(b) criticises this delay, which will mean a setback in the amount of time that universities, the Australian Research Council, postgraduate students, research faculties within universities and other institutions have to implement measures under the Federal Government’s $2.9 billion ‘Backing Australia’s Ability’ program; and

(c) calls on all parties to back this legislation, which will provide the groundwork for Australia’s future in the 21st century.