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Notice given 29 August 2001

*1  Minister for the Environment and Heritage (Senator Hill): To move—That the following bill be introduced: A Bill for an Act to amend the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 , and for related purposes. Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2001 .

*2  Leader of the Government in the Senate (Senator Hill): To move—That the Senate—

(a) recognises and celebrates the centenary of the Australian National Flag which occurs on 3 September 2001;

(b) honours the ideals for which our national flag stands, including our history, geography and unity as a federated nation;

(c) notes that this is the world’s only national flag ever to fly over one entire continent;

(d) acknowledges that our flag has been Australia’s pre-eminent national symbol in times of adversity and war, peacetime and prosperity;

(e) recognises that our flag now belongs to the Australian people and has been an integral part of the expression of our national pride; and

(f) expresses its respect for the Australian National Flag as a symbol of our profound achievements as a federation; our independence and freedom as a people; and our optimism for a common future together.

*3  Parliamentary Secretary to Cabinet (Senator Heffernan): To move—That, in accordance with section 5 of the Parliament Act 1974 , the Senate approves the proposal by the National Capital Authority for capital works within the Parliamentary Zone, being the design and siting of the exhaust flues, a change of tree species, changes to the walkway design and staircourt, and the external lighting design of Commonwealth Place.

Orders of the Day

*1  Innovation and Education Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2001

Adjourned debate on the motion of the Minister for Family and Community Services (Senator Vanstone)—That this bill be now read a second time.

And on the amendment moved by Senator Carr —At the end of the motion, add:

“but the Senate condemns the Government for damaging Australian universities through massive funding cuts, and reducing opportunities for Australian undergraduate and postgraduate students, in particular by:

(a) cutting Commonwealth funding for universities by $3 billion since 1996, thereby reducing student places by 81 500;

(b) overseeing a reduction of 3 278 enrolments of Australian university students in 2000;

(c) cutting the number of research training places by 3 336; and

(d) cutting the higher education contribution scheme postgraduate coursework places by 60 per cent since 1996”—( adjourned, Minister for the Environment and Heritage (Senator Hill), 29 August 2001 ).

( Bill exempted on 29 August 2001 from the provisions of paragraphs (5) to (7) of standing order 111 .)

Environment and Heritage Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2000 [2001]

Australian Heritage Council Bill 2000 [2001]

Australian Heritage Council (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2000 [2001]—( Senate bills )

In committee ( 22 August 2001 ).

Notices of Motion—continued