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11 February 2020

  *305    Mr Zappia : To ask the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia—In respect of the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility in South Australia:

(1)         Who will own the proposed nuclear waste facility.

(2)         Will the facility remain in public ownership.

(3)         Who will operate the facility.

(4)         What is the estimated cost of construction of the facility.

(5)         Has the proposed facility been designed; if so, by whom.

(6)         What state government approvals, if any, will be required for establishment of the facility.

(7)         What is the anticipated construction commencement date.

(8)         How much low level and medium level waste is expected to be stored at the facility each year.

(9)         At which cities or towns is most of Australia’s intermediate level waste currently: (a) generated; and (b) stored.

(10)     At which cities or towns is most of Australia’s low level waste currently: (a) generated; and (b) stored.

(11)     Will there be any direct income to the South Australian Government from the proposed facility.

(12)     Has the Government entered into an agreement with the landowner for the purchase of his property for the purpose of constructing a waste facility.

(13)     Was the Government offered other sites; if so: (a) by whom; (b) where were those sites; (c) when were those offers made; and (d) were those sites geologically suitable.

(14)     Will the proposed site be used to store waste from overseas.






                                                                             Claressa Surtees

                                                                                            Clerk of the House of Representatives