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Unless otherwise shown, appointed for life of 46th Parliament


Pursuant to standing orders

AGRICULTURE AND WATER RESOURCES: Mr R. J. Wilson ( Chair ), Mr B. K. Mitchell ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Gosling, Mr O’Dowd, Mr Pearce, Mrs Phillips, Mr Thompson, Dr Webster.

APPROPRIATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION: The Speaker ( Chair ), Mr Alexander, Mr K. J. Andrews, Ms Coker, Mr Connelly, Mr Hayes, Ms Owens, Mr R. G. Mitchell, Mr van Manen.

COMMUNICATIONS AND THE ARTS: Dr Gillespie ( Chair ), Mr Husic ( Deputy Chair ), Dr Allen, Ms Bell, Mr Drum, Mr Gorman, Ms McBride, Dr Webster.

ECONOMICS: Mr T. R. Wilson ( Chair ), Dr Leigh ( Deputy Chair ), Dr Aly, Mrs Archer, Mr Bandt, Mr Falinski, Mr C. Kelly, Mr Laming, Dr Mulino, Mr Ted O’Brien.

Current inquiries:

Banking Amendment (Rural Finance Reform) Bill 2019.

Review of the Australian Competition and Commission Annual Report 2018.

Review of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Annual Report 2018.

Review of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Annual Report 2018.

Review of the Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2018.

EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Mr Laming ( Chair ), Ms L. M. Chesters ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Bell, Ms Hammond, Mr Hastie, Ms Kearney, Mr Joyce, Ms Ryan, Mr Young. ( Member to be appointed ).

ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY: Mr Ted O’Brien ( Chair ), Mr J. H. Wilson ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs Archer, Mr Burns, Dr Gillespie, Ms Steggall, Mr R. J. Wilson, Mr Zimmerman.

HEALTH, AGED CARE AND SPORT: Mr Zimmerman ( Chair ), Dr Freelander ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs Archer, Ms Bell, Mr Dick, Dr Martin, Mrs Wicks, Mr Zappia.

HOUSE: The Speaker ( Chair ), Mr Drum, Ms Flint, Mr Hayes, Ms Ryan, Ms Stanley, Mr van Manen.

INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS: Mr Leeser ( Chair ), Mr Snowdon ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Claydon, Mr Entsch, Ms Hammond, Ms Stanley, Mr Thompson, Mr Young.

INDUSTRY, INNOVATION, SCIENCE AND RESOURCES: Mr Joyce ( Chair ), Ms Bird ( Deputy Chair ), Dr Allen, Mr Conaghan, Mr C. Kelly, Mr Perrett, Mr Sharma, Ms Swanson.

INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT AND CITIES: Mr Alexander ( Chair ), Mr Gosling ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Connelly, Mr Giles, Mrs McIntosh, Mr Ted O’Brien, Ms Ryan, Ms Sharkie, Mr van Manen, Dr Webster.

PETITIONS: Mr L. S. O’Brien ( Chair ), Mrs Elliot ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs Archer, Ms L. M. Chesters, Ms Liu, Ms Templeman, Mr Simmonds, Mr Stevens.

PRIVILEGES AND MEMBERS’ INTERESTS: Mr Broadbent ( Chair ), Mr Gorman ( Deputy Chair ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Mr Byrne, Mr Fitzgibbon, Mr Goodenough, Mr Leeser, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Mr Snowdon, Ms Wells, Mr Zimmerman .

PROCEDURE: Mr Dick, Mr Goodenough, Mr Gorman, Ms Liu, Ms Ryan, Mr Simmonds, Mr Vasta.

PUBLICATIONS: Mr Goodenough, Mr Gorman, Mr O’Dowd, Mr Pearce, Mrs Phillips, Mr Wallace, Ms Wells.

SELECTION: The Speaker ( Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Drum, Ms Flint, Mr Hayes, Ms Murphy, Mr O’Dowd, Mr Ramsey, Ms Ryan, Ms Sharkie, Ms Stanley, Mr van Manen.

SOCIAL POLICY AND LEGAL AFFAIRS: Ms Claydon, Dr Freelander, Mr Laming, Ms Murphy, Mr Ramsey, Mr Simmonds, Mr Wallace, Dr Webster.

TAX AND REVENUE: Mr Falinski ( Chair ), Ms Owens ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Kearney, Dr McVeigh, Mr Stevens, Mr Thistlethwaite, Mr van Manen, Mr Young.


REGIONAL AUSTRALIA: ( Formed 25 July 2019 ) Ms L. M. Chesters, Mr Clare, Dr Haines, Ms Swanson, Mr J. H. Wilson. ( Members to be appointed ) ( To report by 31 July 2020 ).

Joint Statutory

AUSTRALIAN COMMISSION FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT INTEGRITY: Senator Stoker ( Chair ), Senator Bilyk ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Conaghan, Mrs Elliot, Mr Laming, Mr Pasin, Mr Zappia, Senator Antic, Senator Ayres. ( Member to be appointed ).

BROADCASTING OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS: The Speaker, The President, Ms Bird, Mr Christensen, Mr Entsch, Mr Simmonds, Ms Templeman, Senator Davey, Senator Farrell.

CORPORATIONS AND FINANCIAL SERVICES: Mr Falinski, Mr Georganas, Mr Gorman, Ms Hammond, Mr van Manen, Senator Bragg, Senator O'Neill, Senator Paterson, Senator Pratt, Senator Whish-Wilson. ( Members to be appointed ).

HUMAN RIGHTS: Mr Georganas, Mr Goodenough, Ms Hammond, Mr Perrett, Dr Webster, Senator Chandler, Senator Dodson, Senator Green, Senator McKim, Senator Van.

INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY: Mr Hastie ( Chair ), Mr Byrne ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Dreyfus, Dr M. J. Kelly, Mr Leeser, Mr T. R. Wilson, Senator Abetz, Senator Fawcett, Senator Keneally, Senator McAllister, Senator Stoker.

Current inquiries:

Impact of the exercise of law enforcement and intelligence powers on the freedom of the press.

Review of Administration and Expenditure No. 17 (2017-18).

Review of the amendments made by the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Act 2018 .

Review of the Australian Citizenship renunciation by conduct and cessation provisions.

Review of the listing and re-listing of six organisations as terrorist organisations.

Review of the mandatory data retention regime.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Mr C. Kelly ( Chair ), Dr Aly ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Conaghan, Mrs Elliot, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Senator Antic, Senator Lines, Senator Polley, Senator Scarr.( Member to be appointed ).

PUBLIC ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT: Ms Bell, Dr Gillespie, Mr Hill, Ms Thwaites, Mr Vasta, Mr Watts, Mrs Wicks, Mr R. J. Wilson, Mr Zimmerman, Senator Chandler, Senator Kitching, Senator O’Sullivan, Senator Patrick, Senator Scarr, Senator Walsh. ( Members to be appointed ).

PUBLIC WORKS: Ms L. M. Chesters, Mr Joyce, Dr McVeigh, Mr D. P. B. Smith, Mr R. J. Wilson, Mr Zappia, Senator Gallacher, Senator Hughes, Senator McDonald .

Joint Standing

ELECTORAL MATTERS: Senator McGrath ( Chair ), Senator Brown ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Dick, Mr Pasin, Mr Stevens, Ms Thwaites, Mrs Wicks, Senator Askew, Senator Marielle Smith, Senator Waters.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS DEFENCE AND TRADE : Senator Fawcett ( Chair ), Mr Champion ( Deputy Chair ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Mr Connelly, Mr Drum, Mr Gorman, Mr Hastie, Mr Hayes, Mr Hill, Mr Khalil, Dr McVeigh, Mr Ted O'Brien, Mr Pasin, Mr Pitt, Mr Sharma, Mr Snowdon, Ms Swanson, Mr Thompson, Mr Vasta, Ms Vamvakinou, Mr Wallace, Senator Abetz, Senator Ayres, Senator Faruqi, Senator Fierravanti-Wells, Senator Kitching, Senator McCarthy, Senator McMahon, Senator O'Neill, Senator Sheldon, Senator Sinodinos. ( Members to be appointed ).

MIGRATION: Mr Alexander, Mr Georganas, Mr Hill, Mr Leeser, Dr Martin, Ms Vamvakinou, Senator Ciccone, Senator McKim, Senator Rennick, Senator Dean Smith .

NATIONAL BROADBAND NETWORK: Dr Allen, Mr Connelly, Mr B. K. Mitchell, Mr Pasin, Mrs Phillips, Mr Simmonds, Ms Templeman, Mr Watts, Senator Antic, Senator Davey, Senator Farrell, Senator Griff, Senator McKim, Senator Sheldon, Senator Walsh. ( Members to be appointed ).

NATIONAL CAPITAL AND EXTERNAL TERRITORIES: Mr Hogan, Mr Pearce, Mr D. P. B. Smith, Mr Snowdon, Mr Stevens, Mr Pitt, Senator Brown, Senator Keneally, Senator McMahon, Senator O'Sullivan. ( Members to be appointed ).

NATIONAL DISABILITY INSURANCE SCHEME: Mr K. J. Andrews, Ms Coker, Dr Martin, Ms Payne, Mr Wallace, Senator Askew, Senator Brown, Senator Chisholm, Senator Hughes, Senator Steele-John.

NORTHERN AUSTRALIA: Mr Christensen, Mr Entsch, Mr Fitzgibbon, Mr Snowdon, Mr Thompson, Senator Chisholm, Senator Green, Senator McMahon, Senator Dean Smith, Senator Waters .

PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY: Dr Allen, Mr Byrne, Ms Claydon, Ms Liu, Mr Pearce, Mr Ramsey, Ms Stanley, Senator Askew, Senator Bilyk, Senator Lines, Senator Paterson, Senator Dean Smith. ( Member to be appointed ).

TRADE AND INVESTMENT GROWTH: Mr Christensen ( Chair ), Ms Kearney ( Deputy Chair ), Dr Allen, Dr Mulino, Mr Ramsey, Senator Ayres, Senator Rennick, Senator Marielle Smith, Senator Van. ( Members to be appointed ).

TREATIES: Mr Sharma ( Chair ), Mr Khalil ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Falinski, Ms Flint, Dr McVeigh, Ms Thwaites, Mr J. H. Wilson, Mr T. R. Wilson, Senator Ayres, Senator Bilyk, Senator Bragg, Senator Brockman, Senator Rennick, Senator Marielle Smith, Senator Steele-John .

Current inquiries:

Air Services—Papua New Guinea.

Air Services—Thailand.

Air Services—Timor-Leste.

Free Trade Agreement between Australia and Hong Kong, China.

Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.


Investor-state dispute settlement UN Convention.


Mutual recognition agreements—United Kingdom.

Oil stocks—Hungary.

Trade in wine—United Kingdom.

Work diplomatic families—Italy.







COUNCIL OF THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AUSTRALIA: Mr Leeser ( appointed 10 November 2016, for a period of 3 years ).

PARLIAMENTARY RETIRING ALLOWANCES TRUST: Mr Entsch ( appointed 15 September 2016 ); Mr Fitzgibbon ( appointed 19 October 2010 ).






By Authority of the House of Representatives